Elise in the Snow and Sun | About Welcome, to my little piece of the web dedicated to all things delicious!

Who's excited?!?!? As you can see, I'm pretty neutral.

In this blog you will find a variety of (ovo-lacto) vegetarian recipes and baked desserts.  Many of the baked recipes are eggless, as a certain loved one in my life is allergic to this pastry essential.

The blog title "Elise in the Snow and Sun" refers to the ups (sun) and downs (snow) that are inevitable in life, which often motivate my desire to cook.  As an inhabitant of the Great Lakes region, the snow and sun are also quite literally a recurring part of my life!

I would love feedback on how my recipes have worked out for you!


<3 Elise
Contact me: eliseinthesnowandsun@gmail.com

*A note on content sharing:  The reason that I have created this blog is to share my experiences and knowledge (modest though it may be!) about something that I love to do.  So I am perfectly happy for other people to share my recipes and photographs on their web-spaces.  However, if you do decide to post any of my content, please clearly credit this blog and link back to the relevant pages.  I would also appreciate hearing from you, if you have posted my content elsewhere (partially because it makes me feel special :P).

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