Thursday, 29 August 2013

Blueberry Muffins (eggless)

I'm baaaaack (ruh roh)!  It feels so incredible to have access to a full kitchen again!!!  I intend on baking myself into a coma this week.  I shall slowly update this blog with my exploits once again :)  I thought I'd celebrate with a classic gone eggless:

Super (as in chock-full of) blueberry muffins!

I cannot even remotely pretend that this recipe is mine or even adapted by me.  It is the genius of Erin over at The Speckled Palate.  I can honestly say that these are the best homemade muffins I have ever tried, eggless or not.  Here are a few notes:

What I Love about These Muffins

  • They are absolutely packed with blueberries.  This is definitely a plus for me, but you could get away with 1/2 cup less if you prefer a greater dough-to-blueberry ratio.
  • The yield on this recipe was stated as 18 regular muffins, but I squeezed in 20.  I find that it is so rare to find a recipe that produces as many units as it states - and this one gave me more.  AWESOME!
  • These have the perfect amount of sweetness and are wonderfully fluffy (particularly for an eggless recipe).

Preparation Notes

  • As noted by Erin at the end of the recipe, others have found that these muffins take longer to bake than the stated 10 minutes.  I definitely found this to be the case - mine took 20 minutes in silicone liners.
  • I used skim dairy milk in my batch, so the ones I have pictured in this post are not vegan.  I have the feeling - not tested - that this recipe would work relatively well with any kind of milk (dairy of various percentages, almond, soy, rice, etc.)
  • Since these are made with applesauce, I would recommend keeping them refrigerated.  If not eaten within the first few days, freeze them for up to a couple of months.
Enough of my blabbering!  Get on over to Erin's recipe at The Speckled Palate and try these for yourself.

I hope you enjoy :)

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