Saturday, 16 November 2013

Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies (vegan)

Here is a super quick post to say "I'm still alive, but my brain disagrees".  Waaaay too much work.  Unfortunately this means that I am eating all kinds of packaged sweets and processed foods rather than being able to make my own at home.

What's better than a crinkle cookie? A stack of crinkle cookies, of course!

To remind me that good things are to come in a month or so - when I can finally relax and get in the festive Christmas mood - I'm sharing one of my favourite recipes from the blogosphere.  Hopefully I'll be able to make them again soon!

These chocolate orange crinkle cookies are soft, fudgy, and generally to-die-for.  They are also a brilliant cookie as they don't really need any extra decoration beyond the prescribed icing sugar to look festive.  The original recipe is peppermint based (which is also tasty), but I am in love with my orange version.  Sub-out the peppermint oil for the zest of 1  medium orange, and replace crushed peppermint candies with the equivalent in hard orange candies.  Et voila!

Or up the festiveness with some crushed candies on top!

This awesome recipe can be found via The Sweet Life.  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful cookie with the blogosphere, Sarah!

I hope you enjoy :)


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    1. Thanks, Dina :) I've been known to eat a couple (or five...) in one sitting!


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